Location, location, location… it’s all about being in the zone. Paris is the most popular tourist location in the entire world. My house sits in the most popular tourist location in Paris, making my home (the red dot) the number one tourist location in the entire world !! – The Louvre, 9 min walk. Notre Dame, 10 min walk. Luxembourg park, 4 min walk. The best restaurants in Paris, 2 min walk. Best shopping, all around you. 12 movie theaters, 3 minute walk. Fresh food, 2 min walk. Amazing Pastries, 3 min walk. Church Davinci Code was shot in, 4 min walk. La Procope where Benjamin Franklin inspired the French Revolution (see French Revolution), Robespierre, Danton, Dr Guillotin (inventor of the guillotines), Voltaire and the French enlightenment… 3 min walk. Banks and secure indoor/outdoor ATM machines 2 min walk, the list goes on and on.

Trust us, before we moved here we came in several times and tried staying all over Paris, and we always ended up, here ! This is indisputably the hottest most interesting part of Paris.

Remember, Paris is romantic every day of the year… It’s in the air ! 🙂

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